TAED to rejuvenate Tanjung Aru with new focal points

Kota Kinabalu, 28th June 2016 – Tanjung Aru Eco Development (TAED) which is envisioned as a 348-hectare eco-friendly integrated waterfront, aims to enhance the Tanjung Aru vicinity through combining natural assets with new and exciting focal points for Sabahans.

The development will entail the revitalization of Tanjung Aru Beach as well as the rejuvenation of Prince Philip Park. This will be supported by improved infrastructure and facilities to provide greater connectivity and accessibility for the public to these key attractions. Provision of leisure and recreation facilities for the community will also be a crucial component of the development.

Photo 3 - TAED Character Zones

“Tanjung Aru beach will be rejuvenated and cleaned up, while Prince Philip Park will be expanded to 12 hectares, more than double its current size. Importantly, Tanjung Aru Beach and Prince Philip Park will continue to remain as public areas, with new features such as a promenade, walking and cycling tracks, and an ecology centre, adding to its appeal, to ensure future generations will enjoy and fully utilize Tanjung Aru’s diverse offerings for many years to come,” said Peter Adam, Project Director, Savills Development / Project Management.

Apart from the rejuvenation initiatives, the new development will also comprise a mix of commercial, residential, and accommodation offerings as part of TAED’s eight unique character zones, which will feature a marina and an eco-signature golf course designed by renowned professional golfer, Greg Norman.

Photo 1 - Unveiling of TAED Model

Mayor of Kota Kinabalu City, Datuk Yeo Boon Hai, who had unveiled a model of TAED said, “The rejuvenation efforts as well as creation of new points of interest will be integral as we look to continually preserve natural assets while ensuring we continue to develop world class tourism offerings. TAED is a welcome addition to Kota Kinabalu City as it elevates the Tanjung Aru vicinity, making it cleaner for the people while providing a differentiated product for visitors from across Southeast Asia and beyond. In doing so, it can raise the profile of Sabah as an important tourism destination. More importantly, it opens up new employment opportunities in the hospitality, tourism and retail industries for locals, thus, helping deliver various economic and social benefits to the people.”

Some of the activities that the public can expect to do at TAED include walking amidst a rainforest, cycling at dedicated lanes, playing beach football and beach volleyball, keeping the family entertained at the children’s playground or hosting events at the lakeside amphitheater or performance stage.

For more information on TAED, please visit the website at www.aru-waterfront.com.

Photo 2 - TAED Masterplan

About Tanjung Aru Eco Development   

Tanjung Aru Eco Development is a 348-hectare eco-friendly integrated waterfront development located in Kota Kinabalu, the gateway to Sabah. Set to become a premier destination in Sabah, it aims to ensure the revitalisation of the natural surroundings and the creation of new focal points for enhanced leisure and recreation.



  • To create a world-class waterfront destination targeted at rejuvenating Tanjung Aru beach and Prince Philip Park.
  • To provide an environment that is safe, clean and accessible for the public’s enjoyment by improving the overall infrastructure and facilities in the area.
  • To build a network of well-connected, multi-use public spaces to provide the community with a variety of engaging experiences.
  • To position Sabah as a premier tourism destination: Combining Tanjung Aru beach’s beautiful nature and heritage with world-class leisure and recreation offerings.
  • To catalyse economic growth: Attracting investments into Sabah, raising standards of tourism and creating new opportunities for the community.

Photo 5 - TAED Artistic Impression - Prince Philip Park

Key Features

  • Prime location in the heart of Tanjung Aru within close proximity to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.
  • Eight character zones including Tanjung Aru Beach, Aru Gateway, Prince Philip Park, Prince Philip Wharf, Aru Village, Aru Oceanfront, Aru Marina and Golf Retreat.
  • Provision of green or open spaces including revitalisation and preservation of Prince Philip Park into a key point of interest for both locals and visitors.
Site Area 348 hectares / 860 acres
Reclaimed Land About 65% will be reclaimed land

·         226 hectares / 558 acres

1. Tanjung Aru Beach ·         Area: 17 hectares / 42 acres

·         1.35km long public beach, average 68m wide (high tide), 126m wide (low tide)

·         58m wide beachside park

·         Facilities: beach promenade, food kiosks, walking tracks, dedicated cycling lane, changing room facilities, and provision of electric bus to access the beach

2. Prince Philip Park


·         Area: 12 hectares / 30 acres, more than double its present size

·         Facilities: Eco-forest themed park, waterfront promenade, ecology centre, lakeside amphitheater, children’s play area, performance stage and rainforest café

3. Prince Philip Wharf


·         Area: 26 hectares / 64 acres

·         Water front promenade with retail and F&B. Land lots include:

o    1 x residential lot

o    6 x mixed use commercial lots (including 2 hotels)

·         Facilities: Green bridge connection to Prince Philip Park, Tanjung Aru Beach and public car park for 1,800 cars

4. Aru Gateway


·         Area: 26 hectares / 64 acres

·         Mixed commercial area along Jalan Mat Saleh. Land lots include:

o    1 x group centre

o    2 x residential lots

o    4 x mixed use commercial lots

5. Aru Village


·         Area: 58 hectares / 143 acres

·         Waterside residential area. Land lots include:

o    10 x residential lots

·         Facilities: 42m wide canal with boat berths, canal side walkways and seating

6. Aru Oceanfront


·         Area: 23 hectares / 57 acres

·         Zone located behind beachside park, which features resorts and residential area. Land lots include:

o    1 x mixed use commercial lot

o    2 x residential lots

o    3 x hotels

7. Aru Marina


·         Area: 53 hectares / 131 acres

·         Waterfront residential area which features a marina for approximately 200 boat berths.  Land lots include:

o    2 x mixed use commercial lots (including marina)

o    3 x residential lots

·         Facilities: Sunset viewing point and sailing club

8. Golf Retreat ·         Area: 133 hectares / 329 acres

·         Features include an 18-hole Greg Norman eco-signature golf course with a driving range amounting to 77 hectares / 190 acres, as well as hotel, lagoon villas and residential area adjacent to the golf course and ocean. Land lots include:

o    1 x golf course

o    2 x hotels

o    4 x residential lots