Malaysia’s Most Globalized University Graduates 9,000 Malaysian-trained Thinkers

Cyberjaya, December 14th, 2017 – Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is still hype through the end of the year graduating over 1,000 students from 69 countries on Thursday.

This convocation brought the total of global graduates from the University to approximately 9,000 this year.

Similar convocations were held in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland earlier this year. Next week on December 22, 2017, Limkokwing University Cambodia will also hold its convocation ceremony in Phnom Penh.

The ceremony marked the start of their fresh careers after receiving their scrolls from Limkokwing University at Putrajaya International Convention Center. The graduating students succeeded more than 1,200 students who received their scrolls earlier this July, for a total of around 2,200 students graduating from Malaysia’s University of Innovation in 2017.

Astounding 90% of the graduating class are from overseas countries, emphasizing the international appeal of Limkokwing University’s distinct approach in creative technology.

The theme for this year’s graduation, “Design Your Future” referred to the inspired cohort’s future focused , who come from destinations as far-flung as Europe, the Americas, Africa, many parts Asia and from their home country Malaysia.

Limkokwing University has gained the attention of international agencies such as the United Nations, World Bank and Commonwealth for its unique blend of international students found studying together in the University’s campuses.

The international cultural melting pot is a reflection of Limkokwing University’s as Asia’s most globalized University. The achievement has made Limkokwing University as the premier model for globalized education.

The recognition from international agencies for Limkokwing University was shown through the speech from Dr. Puvan J Selvanathan, President, UN Global Compact Network, Malaysia, who gave an occasional address during the ceremony.

Chancellor of Limkokwing University, Duli Yang Maha Mulia (DYMM) Sultanah of Pahang Hajjah Dr Kalsom, who was presiding over the graduation also presented the graduates with their certificates and scrolls alongside University founder and president Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato Dr Limkokwing.

China’s first ‘One Belt, One Road’ partnership in special needs education

 For the first time ever, 15 hearing-impaired students from Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, who had travelled abroad to spend 6 months studying English language at Limkokwing University, was chosen as a part of the partnership between the two educational institutions under China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

The partnership fostered further bilateral ties between Malaysia and China. Limkokwing University is the first and only education partner under the initiative that was discussed during the Malaysian Prime Minister’s visit to Beijing, China, earlier this year.

Honorary Doctorate for Leadership

 An Honorary Doctorate in Leadership was conferred upon YBhg. Professor Datuk Dr. Raduan Hj. Che Rose, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Professors Council, Prime Minister Office. The recognition paid tribute to years of dedication given to the Majlis Professor Negara (MPN) and for his contributions to the country, Malaysia.

After completing his career in the academic world, YBhg. Professor Datuk Dr. Raduan Hj. Che Rose was made the Chief Executive of the National Council of Professors working directly under the Prime Minister. The council was created as national think-tank with the objectives to conceptualized and assisting in the development of the nation with the strengths of Malaysia’s professors. Through the council, he is able to draw upon inspirations and ideas from the collective skills, knowledge, experience, and talents of some of 2,700 professors considered specialists in every segment of the economy.

University of Transformation that Globalized Malaysian Education

 More than 30,000 students study at Limkokwing University’s 12 campuses in Asia, Africa and Europe. Its main campus in KL’s tech-city, Cyberjaya alone holds close to 10,000 students and 80% of them from foreign countries. The ground breaking university with unrivalled emphasis upon innovation and creativity. The University has changed the tertiary education landscape not only in Malaysia but in every country the University has established itself.

Its inspirational ecosystem and global strategic outlook produces 21st century graduates who are leading social and economic transformation across the globe.

The University has played a pivotal role in globalizing Malaysian education and the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Sri Dr Mohd Najib Tun Razak has designated the University as The Global University of Malaysia

The University is also recognized as Malaysia’s University of Edu-Tourism in recognition of its achievement attracting youths to the country.

QS Apple, Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education, designated the University as the University of the Future and the Ministry of Higher Education awarded the accolade University of Innovation and the Malaysian government recognizes Limkokwing University and the University of Transformation.

In addition, the University and its President & Founder, Tan Sri Dato’Sri Paduka Dr Limkokwing, has won more than 300 awards for creativity and innovation in education from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Africa over the last few years.

The University’s award winning website attracts 700 million ‘hits’ a year from 229 countries and territories and the University is now at the top among the world’s most popular universities on Facebook and Twitter.

So far this year, a total of more than 9,000 students from Limkokwing University worldwide have graduated, unleashing an empowered pool of talented young people trained to meet and exceed industry expectations with skills in the latest technological advancements. Limkokwing graduates are equipped with a combination of a global outlook and network, primed to take advantage of every opportunity in the age of globalization.

The new skills that will be released into the global marketplace cover a wide range of disciplines for high-career incomes in the highly digital world. The digital tech-savvy programmes ranging from electrical and electronic engineering, mobile computing, games technology, cloud computing technology, digital media, and design innovation.


The December 2017 graduation ceremony saw students receiving 62 awards and among these; Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Limkokwing Award for Leadership, Malaysian Prime Minister’s Award – Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak award for Creativity and Innovation, the University Colours for Ambassadorship, and the Command Performance Special Award.


Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence
Name Country
Shimhaz Ali Maldives
Stalin Marimuthu India
Adilya Botabayeva Kazakhstan
Chai Phey Chiat Malaysia
Abdullah Nakkar Syria
Lee Thean Choon Malaysia
Afnan Adnan Ahmed Al-Hushbiri Yemen
Soha Khezri Iran
Wong Soo Yee Malaysia
Mohammed Ibrahim Khan Bangladesh
Deena Katrina Binti Marzuki Malaysia
Liteno Tagne Rodrigue Cameroon
Mohammadreza Yousefiardebili Iran


Prime Minister’s Award for Creativity and Innovation
Name Country
Lobna Hassan Ali Hassan Elgheriani Egypt
Stefen Leonard Indonesia
Muhammad Hafiz Yusri Bin Abdul Rahim Singapore
Sultan Saleh Ahmed Hatyan Yemen
Israa Ashraf Ahmed Hassan Galala Egypt
Elvi Felicia Indonesia
Yerkinuly Aidos Kazakhstan
Phitsamay Sounakhen Laos
Hamza Awadh Mbarak Comoros
Patricia Kanana Mwenda Kenya
Tassneem Abdulrahman Hussain Al- Muharas Yemen



Sabeel Sajjad Pakistan
Alexander Gary Sutantya Indonesia
Abdella Mohammed Amin Ethiopia
Devina Elizabeth Indonesia
Sonia Chong Lee Ying Malaysia
Sara Yusoff Bahrain
Alsaggaf, Aisha Adnan O Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Mohamed Elotai Libya
Aaron Lim Jynn Xyang Malaysia


Tan Sri Dato’Sri Paduka Limkokwing Award for Leadership
Name Country
Tsilavomihary Rantoarioela Maka Madagascar
Waslat Lema Atifmal Afghanistan
Shiva Kafil Iran
Zhao, He China
Sri Ram A/L Ganesan Malaysia
Zheng, Wei China
Razan Sami Abdullah Hassan Sudan
Feras Saleh Syria
Bairinz Kennedy Malaysia
Kwon Sy Ra South Korea
Irene Lee Malaysia
Muatasin Mohammed Saleem Al Zuhaibi Oman
Lee Whey Jeen Malaysia
Ranwa Mohamed Gaber Mahdi Egypt
Mohammed Yahya Ali Al-Sharafi Yemen
Naiduwa Waduge Nimali Kaushalya Sri Lanka
Daniel Ho Tak Shun Malaysia
Wu Jiran China
Aina Nurazlina Binti Amran Malaysia
Yassine Nejdi Morocco
Talha Mihammad Afzal Pakistan
Rachel Lau Wei Yee Malaysia



University Colours Award for Ambassadorship
Name Country
Salwa Husam Ali Al-Waqfi Jordan
Mohammed Ibraim Khan Bangladesh
Millios Georgios Greece
Rawah Saad Hammad Al-Naseri Iraq
Aishath Maisha Hussain Maldives
Saif Aldeen Yehya Muneeb Al Najm Iraq
Tiara Fidelia Nicholson Malaysia
University Colours for Command Performance
Name Country
Mohammad A.H. Shadah Palestine
Saleh Nedal Saleh Odeh Jordan
Hew Wen Shan Malaysia
Almerino Mosse Marcos Manhenje Mozambique
Ali Maasher Yemen
Bavani Priya A/P Pachappan Malaysia
Karol Tatiana Baquero Escobar Colombia



Limkokwing International Goodwill Ambassador Award
Name Country
Yunita Carolina Binti Binur Malaysia
Husan Sharipov Uzbekistan
Yong Hon Sing Malaysia
Bokang Sterling Monyamane Lesotho