– Proton X70 proves its reliability by completing 13,000km trip with zero mechanical issues
– Visit to Hangzhou and the Geely Experience Centre among highlights of the journey
Subang Jaya, 5 April 2019 – On 26 February 2019, nine units of Malaysia’s first intelligent SUV, the Proton X70, departed from PROTON’s Centre of Excellence (COE) on an overland journey to China. Organised by Borneo Automobile Leisure Touring and Kunming Scenery-Customer International Travel Co., the PROTON X70 Malaysia-China Amazing Trip 2019 (Amazing Trip 2019) was supported by PROTON and covered more than13,000km in 33 days over four countries.

PIC: Group photo between the participants and management of PROTON

Proton X70 proves its reliability during Amazing Trip 2019
Three months after its launch, the ability of the Proton X70 to take on a variety of driving environments and perform faultlessly has been proven by its perfect reliability record during the Amazing Trip 2019. There were no breakdowns reported during the journey that covered four different countries and each of the nine vehicles completed the route without requiring any repairs except for scheduled servicing. This is despite most of the driving was done over for long distances in areas with little to no outside technical support, so it’s a commendable achievement.
When asked about their experience in the Proton X70, all participants were thankful for the smooth ride, enthusiastic performance and refined cabin that can be found on all variants of the SUV. These characteristics made long days behind the wheel effortless for drivers and passengers alike and allowed them to better enjoy the journey. Those who drove the Proton X70 Premium praised the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and features such as the Nappa leather seats that boosted both safety and comfort.

PIC: Amazing Trip 2019_Crossing Border at Laos

“We were already impressed by the high levels of comfort and refinement the Proton X70 has and after spending 33 days driving over 13,000km on unpredictable roads, I am convinced this is one of the best choices in its class,” said Dato’ Wong Kean Hwee, an Amazing Trip 2019 participant.

PIC:  Amazing Trip 2019_Friendship Bridge

Lim Mee, also added, “An epic journey to China offers the chance to experience many different cultures along the way. Choosing the wrong vehicle for the trip however can make it seem very long and tiring so I am delighted with how the Proton X70 performed. It was reliable, comfortable and refined, which means it will be a pleasure to drive on a daily basis.”
As the Proton X70 is not yet sold outside of Malaysia, technical assistance was arranged by PROTON at dealer locations and service centres along the route where possible. In China, vehicle servicing and support was provided by Geely dealers who are already familiar with the vehicles as it is available there as the Geely Bo Yue.
Dr Ling Tung King, Event Director of the Malaysia-China Amazing Trip said: “Through this Amazing Trip 2019, we built strong bonds not only with the Proton X70 owners, but also with PROTON. With this, I would like to thank PROTON for their support as this shows that PROTON really cares for its customers.”

Pic:Amazing Trip 2019_Welcome Back Ceremony at COE

Visit to Geely Experience Centre in Hangzhou highlights journey through China
While the trip went through Malaysia, Thailand and Laos, the majority of time was spent in China where the convoy travelled through various regions before reaching the halfway point at Hangzhou and turning around to head back to Malaysia.
At Hangzhou, the group paid a visit to Geely’s headquarters and toured the Geely Experience Centre. This gave the participants a chance to learn more about PROTON’s joint venture partner, their history in producing vehicles and getting a sneak peak at models that potentially could be developed together in to future Proton models.
They were also impressed at how Geely was collaborating with other automotive companies and investing in future technologies that could find their way to Malaysia and position PROTON on the same level as its premium brand competitors.
“While PROTON is proud of its own capabilities, we are also happy to share more information about our joint-venture partner, Geely, with the participants of the Amazing Trip 2019. We want as many Malaysians as possible to gain an understanding of the relationship between the two companies so that more people will understand about the exciting future for PROTON,” added Dr Li Chunrong.

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