T1 @ Bundusan的意外事故


开发商(TBMC Development Sdn.Bhd.)和T1 @ Bundusan的管理层再次对于2019年12月1日在T1 @ Bundusan发生的悲惨事件而去世的已故Shanyce Tan Jingwen的家人表示哀悼和同情。



开发商和T1 @ Bundusan的管理人员仍在与官方和有关当局合作以对此事进行全面调查,并且一直仍在与该家属的代表保持联系。我们向公众保证所有顾客的安全和福祉仍然是我们的最高优先。谢谢。

开发商(TBMC Development Sdn.Bhd.)和T1 @ Bundusan的管理层


Fatal Incident at T1 @ Bundusan


The Developer (TBMC Development Sdn. Bhd.) and the Management of T1@Bundusan would like to express again their condolences and sympathies to the family of the late Shanyce Tan Jingwen who passed away as a result of a tragic incident which occurred at T1@Bundusan on the 1st December 2019.

Due to the shock and the need to carry out investigations into the matter, we were unable to make a statement earlier. From the investigations, we are now able to identify the cause of the incident. Contrary to what was speculated by certain parties, we would like to clarify that the gap was not caused by some defect in what is a completed bridge for which OC had been obtained. The gap was due to repair work being carried by a contractor and his worker who had removed the cement board from the bridge.

The incident has prompted adverse and negative comments on social media in particular certain insensitive parties putting the blame on the late child’s mother. We hope that such negative remarks against the mother will stop, and to give space to her and all the parties concerned to bring about closure to the sad incident.

The Developer and the Management of T1@Bundusan is still co-operating with the officials and the authorities in conducting a full investigation into this matter and we have been and are still in communication with the family’s representatives. We wish to reassure the public that the safety and well-being of the patrons in the premises shall remain an utmost priority.

Thank you.

The Developer (TBMC Development Sdn. Bhd.) and the Management of T1@Bundusan