All Hail the Champions of England! 向英超冠军敬杯,欢庆利物浦历史夺冠!

Carlsberg Malaysia celebrates Liverpool FC’s historic and long-awaited league win with an exclusive Red Champions Kit just for fans

SHAH ALAM, 26 June 2020 – This year, Liverpool FC will make Premier League history by lifting the trophy for its very first time since the league began in 1992.

During the 2019/2020 season, Liverpool FC stunned football fans with an electrifying run of 18 consecutive wins, an unbeaten 22 consecutive home wins and a record 25-point lead in the table before the season was suspended due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, a wise move for health and safety but a disappointment to fans who thought the chance for a long-awaited crowning would prove elusive if the season was ultimately cancelled.

However, since the season’s resumption, the Reds have won the title with seven matches to spare when  Manchester City dropped points at Chelsea last  night and  after Liverpool FC’s victory over Crystal Palace on Wednesday evening. It is an incredible milestone for the Reds who now have a confirmed and unassailable lead towards lifting the coveted Premier League championship trophy.

To celebrate Liverpool FC’s historic and well-deserved Premier League win, Carlsberg Malaysia is giving fans a chance to raise their glasses towards Probably the Best Football Club in the World with the Red Champions Kit – a virtual Red Keg they can purchase for RM500 that comes with two limited-edition Liverpool FC Carlsberg glasses and 100 Carlsberg beers they can redeem and share at participating bars, restaurants and bistros nationwide together with friends and fellow supporters of the Reds.

The virtual Red Keg is limited to the first 100 fans only who are registered users of Adopt a Keg, another initiative by Carlsberg Malaysia that rewards consumers with free draught beer at participating outlets, helping F&B businesses come back stronger when the social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Virtual kegs from Adopt a Keg and the Red Champions Kit can be redeemed at up to 10 glasses a time from participating outlets, and virtual keg balances can also be shared digitally with other users on Adopt a Keg.

Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, said, “Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, Carlsberg has stood with Liverpool FC from the very beginning with the longest partnership  in  league history  –  currently  28 consecutive seasons!  To  reward  the  loyalty  of

Carlsberg and Liverpool FC fans as well as our trade customers who have supported our winning drive and Probably the Best Beer in World that ‘Just Keeps Getting Better’, the introduction of this exclusive virtual Red Keg commemorates our partnership with Liverpool FC so fans can share and celebrate responsibly together with supporters throughout Malaysia in anticipation of that momentous trophy lifting next month.”

Leading up to Liverpool FC’s definitive league win, Carlsberg also rewarded die-hard fans through a contest on its Facebook page where the 30 most creative photo and caption submissions won a virtual keg of 100 Carlsberg beers each to share. The contest ran from 15 to 21 June collecting heartfelt fan tributes and memories from all over Malaysia celebrating Liverpool FC’s historic march towards victory.

Not long after Carlsberg announced its record-breaking sponsorship of Liverpool FC last year to an extended 31 consecutive seasons, Liverpool had an iconic European Cup triumph in June 2019 in the finals against Tottenham Hotspur FC. The win was made sweeter with the introduction of the limited-edition Carlsberg Red Barley, a visually stunning beer where the bottle, label, cap, and even the beer itself is a crimson red, created as a homage to legendary manager Bill Shankly’s winning inspiration to have his players wear all red.

Carlsberg Malaysia encourages consumers to celebrate responsibly by not drinking and driving and practicing social distancing when enjoying their virtual Red Keg and Adopt a Keg redemptions, which are only open to non-Muslims above the age of 21 years.

For more details, visit the Carlsberg MY Facebook page at or Fans wishing to register for Adopt a Keg can do so at

莎亚南 26 日讯 – 今年,利物浦足球俱乐部将捧起英超联赛自 1992 年开跑以来的首个冠军奖 杯,创下英超历史!

利物浦在 2019/2020 赛季中取得了 18 场连胜、主场连续 22 场不败,并以 25 分的积分优势继 续领跑积分榜,震惊足球界。该赛季却因受疫情影响而暂停比赛,虽然对健康和安全而言是明 智之举,但令红军球迷感叹不已,如果赛季最终取消,那么利物浦期待已久的夺冠机会将变得 渺茫。

不过,自赛季复赛以来,昨晚曼市落败切尔西,导致积分远远落后领头羊利物浦,加上利物浦 在当地时间周三傍晚大胜水晶宫,让利物浦提前 7 轮捧杯。这对红军而言,可说是一个不可思

议的里程碑,利物浦如愿举起英超冠军奖杯,将为第 28 届英超联赛画下圆满句号。

为了欢庆利物浦夺取英超冠军的历史时刻,并让红军球迷与堪称全球最佳球队举杯,马来西亚 Carlsberg 集团推出“红军胜利配套”,以 500 令吉购买独特的红色虚拟酒桶,即可享用 100 杯生啤,还可获取 2 个限量版 Carlsberg 与利物浦的联名酒杯,让马来西亚红军球迷与好友在 全国指定酒吧、餐厅及酒馆共享欢乐时光。

该红色虚拟酒桶只限首 100 位“专属酒桶”的现有用户。“专属酒桶”是马来西亚 Carlsberg 集团在这非常时期发起的其中一项倡议,除了奖励消费者免费生啤酒之外,也协助本地餐饮业 者强势回归。

“专属酒桶”及“红军胜利配套”的用户可到指定店铺换取生啤,而每次可换取最多 10 杯。 虚拟酒桶所剩余的生啤也可以和其他“专属酒桶”的用户分享。

马来西亚 Carlsberg  集团董事经理葛利尼表示:“英超联赛自 1992  年成立以来,Carlsberg  就 从那时起与利物浦同在,成为英超历史上最悠久的合作,双方至今一起陪伴了连续 28  届赛季! 这些年来,Carlsberg   的饮者及顾客,还有利物浦的忠诚粉丝所给予的支持,使堪称全球最佳 啤酒能够 “不断追求更好”。为了奖励他们,并纪念 Carlsberg 与利物浦悠久的合作关系,我 们特别推出了这个红色虚拟酒桶,同时让马来西亚红军球迷与好友,理性地共享红军胜利,一 起期待红军在下个月举起英超奖杯的历史时刻。”

配合利物浦倒数喜庆的时刻,Carlsberg 也通过脸书专页举办了有奖竞赛,奖励利物浦的死忠 粉丝。30 位参赛者以最有创意的帖文,成功赢取虚拟酒桶,可与好友共享 100 杯 Carlsberg 生

啤酒。该竞赛从 6 月 15 日至 21 日进行,记载了马来西亚红军球迷的感想和回忆,共庆利物浦 走向胜利的历史时刻。

Carlsberg 与利物浦在去年宣布续约 5 年,延长合作关系,创下 31 年历史纪录。利物浦随后在

2019 年 6 月欧冠联赛决赛中,击败了托特纳姆热刺,成功拿下冠军。配合那场胜利,该酿酒商 推出了限量版 Carlsberg   红麦啤酒(Red  Barley),以全红色的瓶子、标签、瓶盖及酒体耀眼 呈现,致敬利物浦传奇主帅比尔·香克利(Bill   Shankly)为球员换上全身红色套装的重要决定。

马来西亚 Carlsberg  集团温馨提醒各位消费者理性饮酒,喝酒后千万别驾车;享用“红军胜利 配套”及“专属酒桶”时,记得要保持安全社交距离。此优惠只限 21 岁以上的非穆斯林。

欲知更多详情,请浏览马来西亚 Carlsberg 官方品牌脸书 或 官方品牌网页 。欲申请 “ 专 属 酒 桶 ” ,请登入。